We are The Raimi-Abraham Group, an interdisciplinary Research Lab based in London, United Kingdom.

Our group leader is Dr Bahijja Raimi-Abraham who is a pharmacist, Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at King’s College London, Founder of King’s College London Fight the Fakes and Academic Lead. 

Dr Raimi-Abraham is the first graduate of the University of East Anglia School of Pharmacy to be awarded a PhD and was the 2018 recipient of the Outstanding Woman in STEM Precious Award. Dr Raimi-Abraham is a Board Member of the Academy Pharmaceutical Sciences of Great Britain (APS).

At The Raimi-Abraham Group, we focus on solving pharmaceutical challenges in Ageing and Global health with a particular focus on infections. Within this focus we aim to investigate and address novel concepts that underlie the complexities of the field as well as provide sustainable solutions.

Our research is supported by funding from UK Research and Innovation,  charities and international funders. 

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About Us

Solving Pharmaceutical Challenges in Ageing and Global Health

The core pillars of our research are Ageing and Global Health

The cross-cutting themes which build on our research pillars themes are:

  • Pharmaceutical Materials and Innovative Manufacture

    • Development of biomimetic nanostructures as synthetic substrates for 3D cell culture models​

  • Nano-facilitated Strategies in Infection Prevention and Treatment

  • Therapeutic and Multimorbidity Aspects of Infection​


Our Research Team

We are a multidisciplinary Research Team with expertise in pharmaceutical science, clinical pharmacy, regulatory, green biotechnology and nanofabrication. Our Research Team consists of postgraduate researchers (MSc, MRes and PhD), postdoctoral researchers and we also have associate members.

Our team of researchers are making important discoveries in our areas of focus. Whilst everyone is working in their individual projects, our collaborative Research Lab means that we are all working towards a common goal.


Group Leader 

Dr Raimi-Abraham is a pharmacist, Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at King’s, Founder of King’s College London Fight the Fakes and Academic Lead. She leads her research group 'The Raimi-Abraham Group'. Prior to her current position as Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at King's, Dr Raimi-Abraham held positions at University College London (UCL) as an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) postdoctoral researcher position and at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) as a seconded Quality National Expert. 

Dr Raimi-Abraham recently founded and hosts Monday Science, a weekly podcast which discusses the latest in Science, Health and Technology. 


Saad Niaz

LIDo PhD Researcher

Doctoral Research Title - "3D printed soft matter scaffolds: Understanding the influence of scaffold shape on cell growth" in collaboration with BASFSaad is a PhD researcher under the London Interdisciplinary Doctoral (LIDo) Programme which is one of the largest BBSRC funded Doctoral Training Partnerships in the UK. Representing collaborations between eight of London’s world class universities and specialist institutions. Find out more about LIDo here.Saad has a background in Biomedical Science and completed BSc and MSc Keele University and King’s College London respectively. Saad is  also a member of the King's College London Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Student Committee.


Tamara Akpobolokemi

PhD Researcher

Doctoral Research Title - “Developing a Nanotechnology-Based Approach in Tuberculosis Treatment".Tamara is a PhD Researcher funded by the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC). Tamara is a Biotechnologist with Business Management expertise and completed bother her BSc and MSc at the University of Liverpool and the University of Warwick respectively. Tamara has a special interest in Global Health and is focused on improving drug development to treat infectious diseases namely tuberculosis (the focus of her doctoral research). Tamara is a founding committee member of King’s College London Fight the Fakes and is also a member of King’s College London Institute of Pharmaceutical Science Student Committee.


Lina Wu

PhD Researcher

Doctoral Research Title - “Engineering Next-Generation Human Liver Stage Malaria Models Using Synthetic Nanofibrous Biomimetic Scaffolds".  

Lina is a PhD Researcher funded by King’s-China Scholarship Council PhD Scholarship programme (K-CSC). Lina has a background in Biomedical Science and completed her BSc and MSc at Yunnan University and at the Shandong University respectively. Lina has a special interest in nanomedicine. Her masters research mainly focused on nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis and treatment and now Lina is focused on the application of nanomaterials on the development of in vitro models for malaria. 


Yash Shah

MRes Researcher

Yash is an MRes Researcher at King’s College London undergoing his MRes in Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Research. Yash completed his BSc in Biological and Chemical Sciences from Coventry University. Yash has joined The Raimi-Abraham Group to undertake his MRes project titled “Green Nanovaccinology Approaches for Malaria Prevention”.


Listen to Monday Science

Monday Science (part of STEAM:ED Collective) is a listener-driven engaging weekly podcast bringing you the latest research and news in Science, Technology, Medicine and Health. Hosted by award winning scientist Dr Bahijja Raimi-Abraham, she also answers your questions or finds experts in the field to answer them for you!

Below are some Monday Science episodes so you can get a flavour of the podcast. 


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